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7 Success Strategies for Value-Added Ag

For farmers looking to diversify their income and boost total revenue, value-adding can be a great way to go. At its core, value-added agriculture means transforming a raw commodity into something new and of greater value. A dairy farm could turn its milk into cheese and yogurt, for instance, and sell them through local grocery

Which Ecosystem Services Fit Your Farm?

Most farmers have heard they can be compensated for capturing carbon, preventing nutrient runoff or implementing a solar array on their land. But navigating plausible options can be complex. Here’s where to start…

Financing Food and Ag Beyond the Pandemic

Although COVID-19 has affected every industry, food and agriculture have been hit disproportionately hard. Prior to the pandemic, more than 50% of food was consumed outside the home. Then, suddenly, everything changed, forcing food and ag enterprises of all types to pivot their business models and find creative ways to weather the disruption. Some businesses…