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Market Research Might Disprove Your Assumptions

Market research can feel daunting given the sheer volume of things that must be considered, tested and acted upon. But, good research helps ground the entrepreneur in reality and iterate on products and business models that can achieve their business goals, even if it disproves their original assumptions.

Consider That Unconventional Market

Sometimes certain products or certain classes of products make more sense in certain markets than others. For example, heavy or perishable food items make less sense to sell online due to the shipping costs and logistics involved. But unconventional markets could make sense if location or customer data suggests it is a good idea.

Your Food Business Needs Multiple Strategies

Good strategies are ones that reflect current relationships with customers/partners and current market realities, and thus, can shift as those things shift. Without a well-documented strategy, even well-meaning food entrepreneurs can get distracted or fail to execute on their business’ core needs and goals.