Edible-Alpha® Learning Center

Edible-Alpha® Learning Center

The digital resource hub of the Food Finance Institute provides entrepreneurs and consultants with actionable insights, training, resources, and tools to successfully fund and build the next generation of profitable food, beverage, and value-added farm businesses.

About Edible-Alpha® Learning Center

Edible-Alpha® Learning Center is a digital resource hub that offers our collaborative network and beyond actionable insights, training, resources, and tools. Edible-Alpha® Learning Center extends educational content specific to food-focused businesses in the areas of business models, financial management, legal, operations, raising capital, and sales and marketing. Whether you’re a start-up or growing and scaling, Edible-Alpha® Learning Center has resources for you and your food-focused business such as digital immersion training and access to a network of practitioners who can help you continue to be a part of the future generation of food-focused businesses.

Resources on Edible-Alpha® Learning Center

Edible-Alpha® Podcast

Our staff talks to a wide range of entrepreneurs and service providers about what it really takes to grow a successful food business.

Our podcasts are informative, light and conversational; you will surely have a laugh and discover new strategies in the food, beverage and value-added farm sectors.

Immersion Trainings, Workshops, & Webinars

The recipe for growing a successful, financially viable food business will look different for every business, so it can be confusing to know where to start.

Our live, limited registration immersion trainings provide the essential knowledge and individual business-level feedback you need to successfully grow your business and raise capital.

Insights Newsletter

The no-cost Edible-Alpha® Learning Center Insights Newsletter curates food-focused business insights. Twice a month we package up the best news, events and resources from the Edible-Alpha® Learning Center and across the web, to be delivered to your inbox.

More Resources @ Edible-Alpha® Learning Center

Having the right resources can mean the difference between food-focused business success and failure. Explore all of the resources Edible-Alpha® Learning Center has to offer for your food and beverage business to thrive.
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