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Our mission at the Food Finance Institute is to make sophisticated financial technical assistance available to every growing food, beverage, and value-added farm enterprise.

Food-Focused Entrepreneurs

Unprecedented change in the food industry is rapidly raising the bar for all food and value-added farm enterprises. Old or young, big or small, these businesses are scrambling to become more financially resilient and capable of adapting quickly. We help equip entrepreneurs to get profitable and raise money.


FFI provides rigorous training, resources, tools and mentorship to consultants so they can provide sophisticated financial technical assistance to food, beverage and value-added agriculture businesses.

Edible-Alpha® Learning Center

This digital resource hub provides our collaborative network with actionable insights, training, resources and tools so they can build and fund the next generation of profitable food, beverage and value-added agriculture businesses.


Our sponsors are committed to growing profitable and impactful food and farm business enterprises. Their support enables us to reach more businesses, create valuable content like our podcast, and offer quality training

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We use a collaborative business model to expand the reach of our consulting work by partnering with a wide range of individuals and organizations, including community partners, financial institutions, lenders, and investors, to accomplish our mission of making sophisticated, high-quality technical assistance available to food, beverage and value-added farm businesses throughout the state of Wisconsin and beyond.

Fellows Program

Looking to grow and scale your food/beverage, value-added agriculture, or processing/supporting technology business? The FFI Fellows Program provides the coaching, training, and resources needed to take you to the next level.
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