Jackie Lalley

Content and Outreach Coordinator

Jackie holds many years’ experience as a former marketing agency owner and communications staff member at several mission-driven organizations. She loves working with brilliant subject matter experts to build successful content, outreach, and marketing strategies based on a deep understanding of our target personas and their goals and challenges

When working with Jackie, she likes to hear everything you know about your subject matter and your target audience! She enjoys building a strong foundation for work with others so there are no surprises in the finished product. She cultivates a shared focus on results, including defined goals for marketing that are connected to programmatic goals.

Work that combines words, images, and design to tell a story that’s personal and meaningful to the intended audience is the most meaningful to Jackie. She loves projects that are celebrated when success is achieved.

Outside of work, Jackie likes gardening, running (including coaching middle school track), yoga, music, public education, her kids’ sports and music activities, membership in Plymouth UCC, and an open and affirming church.

  • MFA Writing, Vermont College of Fine Arts
  • BA Women’s Studies, Mount Holyoke College

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