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The Food Finance Institute (FFI) is a project of the University of Wisconsin Extension’s Division of Business and Entrepreneurship.

Directed by Tera Johnson, FFI leverages and supports a collaborative network of professionals focused on the food, beverage and value-added agriculture (FAB) sector.  Through supporting this collaborative network with training, resources, tools and mentorship, FFI fulfills its mission of making sophisticated financial technical assistance available to every growing FAB enterprise.  This is the consulting model that is the foundation of all of our work with food and value added farm businesses, and is how we train and certify others.

Tera Johnson, Food Finance Institute Director

“I started the Food Finance Institute to increase the likelihood of success for growing food and value added farm businesses. 

This is a sector whose growth is being propelled by the passion for local food and consumer demand for more unique and healthy foods.  It is also one whose success has been constrained by a dearth of financial pragmatism.  Add to this the financial complexity that new alternative capital sources are creating and it is becoming very difficult for entrepreneurs to do this on their own. 

Our work with companies over the past three years demonstrates that high-level, financially targeted technical assistance can significantly increase a food company’s ability to access capital AND successfully grow.”

Tera Johnson, Director, Food Finance Institute and Founder of Teraswhey