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Edible-Alpha™ is a curated digital learning platform and food business consultant community for food, beverage and value-added farm enterprises and the people who fund them. It will include free educational content for the general public about best financial practices of food businesses in the form of blog posts, videos, podcasts, and other online resources. It will also include premium, member-only content, training, certifications, webinars and curated food business deals. Through Edible-Alpha™, entrepreneurs can learn the dimensions of corporate finance that are most relevant to food businesses without having to pursue an MBA.

Over time, the platform will include a curated collection of resources, developed by other contributors, which share best practices about how food entrepreneurs can make enough money to cause extraordinary change in a sustainable manner.  This will include business model reports and financial benchmarking tools designed to help advisors, investors, and underwriters guide food entrepreneurs toward financially viable business models.

The platform and its content are currently in development, but in the meantime, see some examples of the great content that will be on the site!

The Profitability Transformation, From Change Food Fest 2016

“I got to cause extraordinary change because my business teraswhey® grew to become financially sustainable.  No money, no mission.  I’ve discovered, very few people really understand how to make money in a food business.  It’s not rocket science, but it also isn’t easy and it’s getting harder every day.  And it’s getting harder at the same time that a huge consumer push for more healthy, local foods is causing an explosion in entrepreneurial food companies.  Communities are starting incubator kitchens, farmers are starting food hubs, and it’s happening all across the country.  Unfortunately, survival of the fittest capitalism in the digital age also means that business models that can never make money are going viral and are getting replicated across the country.   So I asked myself what I could do to cause extraordinary change once again, this time by helping thousands of food entrepreneurs and stakeholders around the country learn how to make money in food.  My answer is Edible-Alpha™.”

Tera Johnson, Food Finance Institute Director and Founder of teraswhey®

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