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Why Financial Technical Assistance Is Key To Food Entrepreneurs’ Success

Core beliefs animate everything that you do, in your personal life and in business. At the Food Finance Institute, we have a few core beliefs that undergird our work:

  1. We want every food, beverage and value-added agriculture business that wants to be successful to be successful;
  2. We know that to be successful, businesses need to understand their business model, their financial position and how to go about raising money; and
  3. We believe everyone that wants to learn the skills to be successful is capable.

The Food Finance Institute exists to provide high quality financial technical assistance to growing food and farm businesses. We focus on this because we believe it is the biggest gap in accelerating the growth and success of more good food and beverage companies. We have seen companies transform, grow and thrive when they have access to this kind of assistance and when the founders surround themselves with the right people, including technical assistance providers.

As consultants to food businesses, we see smart people who jumped in and hit the ground running but haven’t necessarily had the time or experience to fully understand their financial situation or come up with a concrete game plan for fundraising and financial management. We often play the role of “coach” or mentor in these situations, helping guide food entrepreneurs through difficult stages of business growth, like a significant fundraising round. The best food and beverage entrepreneurs know that they need help, and seek it out.

On our podcast this week, we talked with Alex Linkow, Director of the Fair Food Fund, an innovative Fair Food Network program that provides patient, customized financing and business technical assistance to good food enterprises. Alex talked about the importance of technical assistance to entrepreneurs and how that has been essential to their model of lending and investing in food businesses. He also intimated that lack of access to technical assistance, like lack of access to capital, is particularly acute for women and people of color.

Meaningful financial technical assistance can transform food businesses for the better, allowing them to grow and thrive. We encourage current and aspiring food entrepreneurs to seek the assistance they need and build their team with that in mind.

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