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Taking Investment in Your Food Business Changes Your Business (And You)

Getting proper financing for growing food businesses is one of the most challenging obstacles food business owners face. Those entrepreneurs need great financial systems to accurately communicate with financial stakeholders and they need to communicate their business model (i.e. how their business makes money) in a way that resonates with the financial community. This high bar for financial communication is matched in today’s marketplace by the high bar for entry into the marketplace, both in terms of requiring high quality, consumer-driven products and in how much financing it takes to have the food business reach profitability at the proper scale.

While some food businesses can finance their business utilizing loans and lines of credit from banks, many food entrepreneurs, and especially those aspiring to be national brands, will have to take on outside equity investors to adequately capitalize their business for the top-line sales growth needed to break even. Even when taking investment aligns with the short and long-term goals of the food entrepreneur, it comes with expectations of investors having board seats and other oversight mechanisms over the direction of the business.

Making the decision to accept investment can be overwhelming for food entrepreneurs. Some owners feel like they are selling out if they take investment because they are giving up control. However, investor money, taken at the right time to achieve the business’ goals, doesn’t have to be selling out. When entering into any relationship, clarity upfront about expectations and goals is key. Food entrepreneurs should court investors that align with the business’ values and goals, taking care to clearly communicate those goals before entering into a financial relationship.

Investors help entrepreneurs increase their impact by providing financing that allows the business to build the business’ sales and value. And, because investors help share the risk of the business, they also become invaluable resources for food business owners. Investors leverage their expertise and the expertise of their networks to help ensure the business is doing everything it can to succeed, including in courting other investors for successive fundraising rounds if needed.

Food entrepreneurs themselves often feel changed when taking outside investor capital. They feel the weight of the responsibility of paying back those investors with a return. They often work even harder than they were before because others are sharing the risk with them and are emotionally invested in their business as well. Understanding and accepting the responsibility that comes with taking investor money, when taken from the right people at the right time, can allow food entrepreneurs to grow their impact in ways they could not do on their own.

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