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Execution Matters More Than Your Big, Brilliant Idea

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Entrepreneurship is often glorified in the media and American mythology, with the central and pivotal point of the story of business success being the “Eureka” moment where the entrepreneur has their big, brilliant idea. Those moments are certainly important, and products need to be innovative and defensibly unique in order to stand out in today’s marketplace.

But, what is more difficult is figuring out how to execute on that idea and how to optimize every aspect of the business for financial success. For example, discovering and defining a consumer driven product through a meticulous and data-driven process is more likely to yield success than an unintentional process of new product development that doesn’t question the assumptions behind the original vision for the product. Fixing businesses’ financial statements and projection models – while tedious – does more to clearly communicate why potential lenders or investors should lend to and invest in a company than recounting the “Eureka” moment in detail.

Food companies often need to scale quickly, and those operational decisions surrounding how best to scale can make or break the business. This includes the decision to manufacture in-house or use a co-packer, or even something as seemingly mundane as having specific terms for handling ingredient and packaging inventories documented in a contract that has been reviewed by legal counsel. Scaling – which includes improving financial and new product development processes – often means building a team that can help the entrepreneur execute and implement their vision.

All of these things can seem less “sexy” than coming up with the brilliant idea that no one thought of before. However, we have found that in the end, profitability and long-term financial success are often in the details of the execution, not just big, brilliant ideas alone.

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