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True “Disruption” of Food Is Difficult

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Consumer tastes, preferences and expectations around food are changing. People are demanding more healthy food while also sometimes making the foray into purchasing food items online, mostly non-perishable, potentially hollowing out the center of grocery stores. Many companies are also entering the marketplace in meal ordering and meal kit delivery. While these companies have been able to raise lots of investor money, they often fail because they can’t find a sustainable business model.

There is a lot of interest in using technology to “disrupt” food. However, we do have a hard-wired relationship with food and like to forage for it, and those instincts are difficult if not impossible to change. The fundamentals of food business management, like managing cash flow, financial planning, brand management, understanding your customers and investor relations remain of paramount importance in food business success, regardless of the channel used to reach the customer. While there is a place for technology to enhance customers’ relationships with food, true “disruption” of the fundamental dynamics of that relationship is likely a difficult goal to realize.

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