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Communicate Your Financials Well to Raise Capital

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Investors and other funders need the owners and senior management of the food businesses they work with to understand their financials extremely well and communicate about them clearly. This means knowing a few numbers off the top of their heads, like the company’s EBITDA, its top-line sales, its gross margin etc. Food and beverage businesses need to know other nitty gritty details as well, but there are a few numbers that investors focus on first when reviewing financials. Knowing these numbers also helps brands properly price their products. As more and more consumers demand healthy, natural and free-from foods and as more capital and technical assistance is made available for new and innovative brands, the brands that survive will be the ones who take their communication about their financial position (and other metrics like store velocities) seriously.

And now, our roundup of the best food and beverage finance news, events and resources from around the web…

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