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Advisors and Feedback Are Essential to Food Business Success

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Your insights this week…

Most successful entrepreneurs have a network of support behind them, like an advisory team, board of directors and funders. These individuals provide mentorship and guidance that is invaluable for that company’s success, augmenting what the entrepreneur and management team bring to the fold. The company’s customers, whether individuals or wholesale buyers, can also provide invaluable feedback and partnerships that yield fruit.

So, we encourage people to diligently seek feedback and guidance as they strive to grow their business, especially as they navigate securing funding. We believe that access to sophisticated financial technical assistance is needed for entrepreneurs to take their businesses to the next level. This willingness to seek help, solicit meaningful feedback and build a network of support is key to the success of food, beverage and value-added agriculture businesses.

And now, our roundup of the best food and beverage finance news, events and resources from around the web…

Jacqueline Claudia, self-proclaimed fish nerd and LoveTheWild’s founder, reflects on her win at the Natural Products Business School Pitch Slam at Natural Products Expo West 2017. She also offers advice to brands for pitching at events like Natural Products Business School. FFI Director Tera Johnson also gets a shout out for mentoring Jacqueline for her win.

Business Model Insights

Raising Capital

Packaging Design Example

CPG/National Brands

Market Trends

  • Friendly labels, transparency become bigger factors in ingredient selection (Food Business News) – “Surveys show many consumers seek transparency in the sourcing of ingredients and in the marketing of products. Consumers are changing their definition of health and wellness. We go back over time, health and wellness was defined as lower fat, lower calorie, defined as added vitamin fortification, etc. Now increasingly, health and wellness means the absence of negative. It could be G.M.O.-free, gluten-free, any number of definitions along those lines. To address this, companies are aggressively changing foods to ensure they are on trend with long-term needs of consumers.”
  • Understanding the Snacking Landscape (CPG Marketing Trends)
  • Organic Sector Posts Record U.S. Sales (Progressive Grocer)


Industry Events

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